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If you are in need of a notary, Petit & Toussi Notaries can help. Our professionals have the training and certification to act as legal witnesses for the signing of documents. The jurisdiction of our notary public includes just about any kind of document available, ranging from mortgage agreements to wedding certificates.

An important service Petit & Toussi Notaries provides is Legal document signing. Some legal documents will not be valid unless they were signed in the presence of a notary. This is because only a notary public is authorized to determine if documents were signed in an appropriate legal context, and that no means of extra legal intimidation or coercion was used.

Also if you ever need a notary but can’t come to us, we can come to you since we provide mobile notary service. Doing this can save a great deal of time and money. Anyone who needs a notary public in the Pointe-Claire, QC area should contact Petit & Toussi Notaries. We will satisfy all of your notary service needs.


Real Estate
Whether buying or selling a home, a revenue property or a commercial building in the province of Quebec – we can help. Our notaries can guide you seamlessly through the entire process from the offer to purchase to the closing. 

Loans & Mortgages
Our notaries work in collaboration with your financing institution to take the mystery out of hypothecating your property. Whether you are obtaining financing to purchase a new property or are refinancing an existing one, our notaries take the time to explain to you the rights and obligations that are created in virtue of a deed of hypothec.

Wills, Power of Attorney and Mandate given in anticipation of incapacity
In Quebec, a Notarial will is the only type of will that does not need to be probated by the court to prove its validity. Probation is a long and expensive  procedure that can cause additional stress for your family in an already difficult time. Contact our office today to discuss having your Notarial will prepared. A Notarial will can address the following issues: Am I for or against organ donation? What will happen to my property when I die? Who will be responsible for settling my estate? I have minor children, who will take care of them if I pass away?

In a Power of Attorney a person names another individual to act on his or her behalf. A Power of Attorney can be specific, you appoint someone to carry out a specific duty on your behalf or a  general power of attorney to have someone administer all your personal assets and even your business.  

Losing a loved one is a difficult time in anyone’s life. Our notaries can help to make the process of settling their estate easier. We can be involved in settling the estate as little or as much as the family desires. From facilitating the process of ordering the required documents (Will searches at the Chambre des notaries and the Barreau du Quebec and the Death Certificate from the Director of Civil Status) or to have the house and land transferred to the heir or to settle the estate from A-Z. 

We can also prepare the following documents: Acceptance/renunciation to the office of liquidator, renunciation to the succession of an insolvent person, Declaration of heredity, Declaration of transmission, probation of holograph wills or wills made before two witnesses.

Homologation of a Mandate given in anticipation of incapacity
The mandate must be rendered valid and must be presented at  the court house with all other necessary documents  in order for the administrator (mandatary) to act on behalf of the person that has become incapacitated, the notary will take care of this matter and proceed with the homologation of the mandate.

Curatorship  or tutorship appointment
When a person becomes incapacitated , if that person does not have a mandate in case of incapacity, a curator or a tutor  must be appointed to make decisions for him or her, the notary can prepare all the legal procedure to obtain protective supervision for the incapacitated person namely have a curator or tutor appointed to assist the person concerned, to administer his or her affairs and to take care of his or her person including medical decisions, the notary will take care of this matter.

In the province of Quebec Notaries have the authority to celebrate marriages and civil unions. A religious ceremony is not for everyone, so if you are thinking of tying the knot but don’t want an elaborate celebration, perhaps having a notary solemnize your marriage is right for you. Marriages can be celebrated in our office or other location of your choice. 

Thinking about getting married but worried about what will happen to your assets in the case of a rupture? Notaries not only celebrate marriages but they can also prepare marriage contracts, also known as pre-nuptial agreements. Before getting married, contact a notary to learn more about what can happen if there is a breakdown of the marriage. Already married and have questions about your matrimonial regime? A marriage contract can be prepared after the marriage to modify a couple’s matrimonial regime. It’s never too late to know your rights and obligations.

Letter of invitation, affidavits, notarization of all varieties of documents, certified true copies of your original documents, preparation of promise to purchase, reviewing legal documents and many more services. 

For the best Notaries in Pointe-Claire, QC call Petit & Toussi Notaries today! As your local premier Notaries, we specialize in:  Notary Service, Power of Attorney, Refinancing, and Wills. Our service is availabe in English, French, and Farsi.

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