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A law firm, court, or legal institution may require notary service where a notary public will put someone under oath, declaring under penalty of perjury. Paying a little upfront to have notary service can save you in the long haul from expensive court hearings.

There are several instances where a notary may be useful. If Grandpa Joe is writing his will, he may want an notary there to avoid confusion later on who gets what. A notary public may be used in transferring power of attorney. If you are hiring an employee for a company and need I9 documentation verification, a notary will come in handy. Additionally, with such a high rate of divorce in the country, prenuptial agreements have become a popular area for notarization to take place.

When the battle is between individual and individual, there is no better way to make a conclusion than to have someone of the state on your side. Call Petit & Toussi Notaries today and let us know how we can meet you notarization needs.

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